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Calm Corner Kit and the use of breathing techniques, coupled with other mindfulness practices, can help your kids’ lives.
Backed by 5+ years of school-based programming • Used in 40+ Schools in US
Calm Corner Kit | Calm Corner Activity
Feelings Poster

An easy-to-understand visual guide that helps your child navigate difficult feelings by first identifying an emotion and more.

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Calm Corner Feelings Flashcards
Feelings Flashcards

Navigate big feelings through emotional identification and breathing techniques, with our fun and vibrant flashcards.

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Calm Corner Kit
Calm Corner Kit

Create a calm space in your home to help both kids and parents relax. Teach your children social-emotional skills.

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Implemented as Social-Emotional Curriculum for Cincinnati Public Schools

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Cincinnati Public Schools Mindfulness
Calm Caterpillar testimonial from the Ronald McDonald House Charities
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"Working with the Calm Caterpillar has been a great experience for our families..."

Craig Kotte, Ronald McDonald House

"The activities were so fun and helpful to use while calming her down..."

John P. Parker Elementary School Parent

"We showed her hand breathing once and since then she has been able to use it on her own"

Calm Caterpillar Parent

For Parents & Educators

Parent Classes

The Calm Caterpillar teaches proven mindfulness techniques that have been used by our diverse array of partners, from Cincinnati Public Schools to Ronald McDonald House Charities

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Calm Kit for Teachers

Create a calmer environment at school with our Calm Corner Kit, which is used by our diverse array of partners, from Cincinnati Public Schoolsto North College Hill City Schools.

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Free access to our 'Family Breathing Calendar' and much more to help your family explore how mindfulness can reduce stress for your kids and yourselves. Check it out to learn our simple tricks.


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Mindfulness for kids is easier with our solutions.

In short, this program improves kids’ behavior. Through implementing a “calm down corner”and introducing breathing techniques, along with other mindfulness practices, into your kids’ lives, your kids are given the tools to process and handle difficult emotions, from anger to excitability. Try our program and watch your children harness their emotions and gain the resilience to tackle anything that comes their way

This program is designed for kids aged 3-10. Developmentally, children as young as 2 are ready to participate in breathing exercises. Modeling behavior and inviting them to participate with you can be effective for children this young. Our class will teach you how to do that. Older kids? You can learn hand breathing at any age, a lot of the teachers we work with now use the techniques for themselves as well.

This program is backed by 5+ years of school-based programming. Calm Caterpillar techniques have been used by Cincinnati Public Schools, with over 10,000 students benefiting from the program. We have used this program in over 44 schools, and hundreds of teachers have told us that classroom disruptions go way down after introducing breathing techniques into the classroom. 

Additionally, the University of Cincinnati, School of Education and Criminal Justice, Evaluation Services Center conducted a study on the program in Cincinnati Public Schools. Their stated result is that “students demonstrated significant improvement in Difficulties scores (particularly Conduct Problems) and teacher ratings of Prosocial Behaviors and Social Competence relative to control students.”

We give you the power to change your kids' behavior in a way that is easy to implement. Our class is broken down into 9 sections (for a total of 18 minutes) that you can rewatch at your leisure. Our products can be seamlessly integrated into your home life and give you the space to invite your children to practice breathing and mindfulness. Our program is also backed by work in Cincinnati Public Schools over the last 5 years, working with over 10,000 kids.

Unlike an app, Calm Caterpillar’s thorough program teaches parents to effectively model mindfulness behavior and create a space that enables children to learn lifelong skills that do not rely on technology.  

Using an app with children for meditation is great in the moment but does not create the opportunity to learn skills for continued use outside of the app. By offering skills that can be carried into just about any situation, we help your kids achieve a level of mindfulness that is more fit for real life.