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Free Mindfulness Resources

Check out our fantastic range of Mindfulness resources and insightful guides, available to download online. Use our free Mindfulness resources to learn new breathing practices, calming techniques and coping skills. From meditation activities for teachers, tips for reducing anxiety and a family mindfulness breathing calendar. All of our resources help you to integrate mindfulness into your daily life and become more respectful of feelings. They also encourage calmer homes and classrooms, for safe spaces that students feel comfortable to talk about their emotions.

Take a look at our guides and learn how to add mindfulness to your lifestyle. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly team who can advise you.

Family Breathing Practice Calendar 

Use this calendar as a helpful tool to integrate breathing practices and mindfulness into your daily life.

Five Breathing Techniques for a Calmer Household

This tip sheet will help you focus on the best breathing techniques to implement with your family. These mediation techniques have been used in Cincinnati Public Schools with over 6,000 preschool students and we know they can help you change behavior at home. 

Lunchroom Anxiety

The lunchroom can be a really stressful place for kids. Besides the fact that you might only have 15 minutes to eat your food and socialize, you have to find a place to sit and for some that can be tricky. This video helps you supply your child with tricks to ease any anxiety they might have on their way to the lunchroom.