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Rory the Lion - Deep Breathing Tool

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Rory the Lion:

Rory is your child's guide to practicing deep, powerful breaths. With a focus on how lions breathe, Rory's roars and confident presence enable your child to embark on the journey of Lion's Breath, side by side with their trusty lion friend.

Weighted: Draped around your child's neck, Rory provides a comforting sensory experience. It's like a soothing hug, calming the nervous system and instilling tranquility.

Lion’s Breath: Press Rory's face, and he roars just like a lion. This interactive feature encourages your child to practice Lion's Breath alongside their buddy Rory, teaching them how to use deep breathing to regain control of their emotions.

Feelings Mantra: Rory helps children understand the power of self-talk with his mantra, "When I am feeling sad or mad, I take a big breath in and roar out my feelings." This empowering reminder reinforces the use of deep breathing to change one's emotional state.

Important Note: Rory's voice box is conveniently located in a zippered pouch behind his head, making it easy to remove for machine washing and air drying. Please be cautious of small battery parts, as they could pose a choking hazard.