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The Best Calm Corner Kit

16 September 2022
The Best Calm Corner Kit

If you are a parent or educator looking to teach children how to meditate, be more mindful, and learn how to process difficult emotions, then you have likely heard of a variety of breathing techniques that you are looking forward to sharing with kids. 

For instance, for emotionally unregulated students or siblings who have a hard time getting along, you may have already heard of buddy breathing, which helps promote peace and understanding among kids. 

However, you may have also encountered a concept that you may not have heard about before: A calm corner. 

Calm Corner 

A calm corner is a place where kids can, well, “calm down”. It is a designated area at home or in the classroom where kids can relax and get a handle on their anger, nervousness, anxiety, or other negative emotion that is causing them difficulty. 

There is no one emotion or situation that calls for a child to calm down, as anger at home can call for a trip to the calm corner just as over-excitability at school can be a reason for calming down.  

Allowing kids to designate and decorate a calm corner can be a major step toward getting them on board with using the calm corner, so be sure to get them involved in the process of setting up a calm corner! 

Calm Corner Kit

For a calm corner to be effective with children, you are going to need to do more than just point at a spot in the living room or classroom and call it a calm corner. Decorations and mindfulness tools are essential to creating a relaxing, and successful, calm corner. 

The Calm Caterpillar is dedicated to offering the best calm corner experience to kids, which is why our Calm Corner Kit includes a variety of mindfulness tools specially designed for use by children. 

To make sitting at the calm corner a comfortable experience, we have a sitting cushion (designed to look like a tree stump) and an expandable breathing ball, that provides a level of fun and visual interest to the calm corner. 

These are more than just relaxing distractions, however: They are tools to be utilized by kids to help them process their emotions. The first step to overcoming negative feelings is to identify the feelings, which is made easier when calming, comforting tools are ready at hand for kids to use. 

Our Calm Corner Kit also comes with a detailed hand-breathing poster that features visual cues that are easy to understand by children of all ages. 


Calm Corner Activities

Typically, what kids do in a calm corner is meditate and practice breathing techniques until any difficult emotions have been processed. 

There is a wide variety of breathing techniques that a kid can use to calm down, and allowing them to choose their technique can help give them an additional feeling of control. 

You can add our free breathing techniques poster to your home’s calm corner, which will serve as a simple guide for kids to follow at the calm corner. 

The Calm Caterpillar Is Here to Help

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