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Siblings & Friends breathing techniques

27 June 2022
Siblings & Friends breathing techniques

Siblings. Most of us have them, and for those who do, we all know that our relationships with them can range from great to…well, not so great. You may have experienced one or both of these different extremes as a child, and you may very well be experiencing it now as the parent of siblings, especially if they have trouble getting along.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of families, some of which have multiple kids. Recently, we’ve had parents come to us wondering if there’s a solution to help their children get along better. It got us thinking about a certain technique that we absolutely love to use, and one that happens to be one of our favorite breathing strategies: buddy breathing.

As the name suggests, buddy breathing involves two people. One person takes their finger and traces the other person’s hand while the other person practices hand breathing. When the first person finishes breathing, the roles are switched, and it’s time for the person who was originally tracing to breathe. Buddy breathing is essentially hand breathing for two people. 

Buddy breathing can be a perfect way to strengthen relationships between siblings and resolve those conflicts that can be all too common. Using this technique can allow your children to restore and build trust in one another, and this can go an incredibly long way for strengthening relationships and creating a feeling of trust that may not be so easy to come by. If your kids are fighting, having them partake in a relaxing breathing exercise together can really do wonders for their relationship.

In fact, it’s a fantastic way to create harmony between your children in general. It also can stimulate conversation between them about how they may be feeling. If your kids practice buddy breathing enough together, they can develop a new, good habit and work towards creating a healthy line of communication between each other. This can go an extremely long way in creating that calmer household that you’re trying to achieve!

Even if you’re the parent of two or more siblings that get along well, buddy breathing can be a wonderful bonding exercise, and a great activity for them to do together. Regardless of the dynamic between your siblings, buddy breathing offers a new method to help build togetherness. In addition, the more of a chance your kids have to practice buddy breathing, the better they’ll get at it, which can lead to the development of a great and new skill that can be a part of their lives for years to come!

In the end, buddy breathing offers a fantastic new approach to helping your children bond with one another. It can help siblings navigate conflicts and restore trust in each other, and will help strengthen relationships and build valuable trust. These positive results can have a notable short-term impact in your household, but they can also lay the foundation for a stronger, longer-term bond that can be built up over time, especially if started at a young age.

Buddy breathing. A wonderful technique that two people can use to control their breathing and create peace and harmony between each other. Have your kids give it a try today: we’re sure you’ll be happy with the results!

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