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How To Introduce a Calm Corner

29 August 2022
How To Introduce a Calm Corner

Now that children are officially back to school, the lives of both children and their parents alike have become more stressful. Full schedules, mornings spent rushing out of the door to get to school on time, homework upon homework, and other such school-related stressors can make the whole household a little more tense. 

For parents looking to alleviate stress in their children’s lives, a calm corner is sure to do the trick. 

If you have been keeping up with the Calm Caterpillar blog, then you have likely read about a wide range of breathing techniques, such as hand breathing, that can help both parents and kids alike in reaching a more mindful, and less stressful, existence. 

However, as most parents know, teaching a kid something is almost always easier said than done, so what we want to do in this article is explain how to best introduce a calm corner in your kids’ lives. 

But first, we will give a brief overview of what a calm corner is, and does. 

Calm Corner Explained

A “calm down” corner is a designated space in your home where your child can go for relief when they are experiencing stress, anxiety, frustration, or any other emotion. Sometimes children even go to the calm corner when they are overly excited or just happy because it is a place they begin to cherish. 

You can use more than just the words “calm corner” to designate this part of the home. Decorations and comfortable furniture and accessories such as pillows or bean bags can help create a relaxed atmosphere. 

What they do in the calm corner is mostly meditate and do breathing exercises, such as those outlined in our Calm Down Kit’s Free Printables. These exercises help kids actively achieve a more relaxed and mindful state. 

Introducing a Calm Corner To Your Kids 

The first, and perhaps biggest, challenge, is to get your kid on board with the idea of using a calm corner. 

A good piece of advice is to make the creation of a calm corner feel more like a collaborative effort than simply something you are merely suggesting to them, or expecting them to get into because you told them to. You could mention that you were thinking of making, say, a certain spot in the basement a “calm corner”, and that you are wondering if they would help you decorate it. 

Getting your children involved in the creation of a calm corner will not only get them interested in the calm corner, but will actually make a more effective corner for them. Allowing them to choose, say, what peaceful painting to hang can make all the difference in getting them interested using the corner. 

Our Calm Corner Kit can be a great “starter pack” for creating a calm corner, as it includes many things that kids will appreciate. Such items include a meditation cushion that can make sitting down to meditate more comfortable, and an expandable breathing-ball that combines the fun of a toy with the effectiveness of a stress-relieving tool. 

When using a calm corner is presented as fun, engaging, and an opportunity for connection with the family, then your chances of getting your children interested in a calm corner will become much higher. 

The Calm Caterpillar Is Here to Help

Hopefully this article helps you and your kids have a great time on your mindfulness journey.

A calm corner can also be created outside of the home, and can be a great addition to a classroom. Read our blog on it here. 

For more information about our great mindfulness resources, check out our website.
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