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Rory the Lion - Deep Breathing Tool

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Rory the Lion, the soft-plush deep breathing tool, enables children to have a sensory experience while they practice breathing.
What is Rory the Lion?
Rory helps your child practice deep breathing.
Rory focuses on how lions breath can change the way you feel.
3 Functions:
  1. Weighted: Use Rory around your neck
  2. Lion’s Breath- practice lion’s breath with Rory, when you press his nose he roars out like a lion enabling your child to do Lion’s breath along side Rory
  3. Feelings Mantra- another thing Rory says out loud is “When I am feeling sad or mad I take a big breath in and roar out my feelings”. This mantra reminds children how to use deep breathing to change the way they feel
What are the benefits of Rory the Lion?
Rory helps calm a child when placed around their neck (weighted sensory experience). Rory enables kids to practice lions breath when he roars with them when a child presses his nose. Mantras are key in the development of self talk for children- and Rory reminds kids “when I am feeling sad or mad I take a big breath in and roar out my feelings”
**Rory’s voice box is in a zippered pouch behind his head. Easily removable so that he can machine washed, air dried.**
Small battery parts are a choking hazard.