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Calm Caterpillar Parent Class

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Learn to Breathe, Become Transformed

A Seamless Way to Implement Mindfulness for Kids. 

Mindfulness is often successfully achieved by practicing breathing techniques, which can be easily grasped by children of all ages. 

The Calm Caterpillar Parent Class is centered around three main concepts:

  • Why breathing and mindfulness matter
  • Evidence-based breathing techniques
  • How to model the behavior


What is the Calm Caterpillar Parent Class?

Using the 'Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports' (PBIS) methodology, you’ll learn the best practices to be able to teach breathing to your kids, empowering them to gain better control over their emotions.

Whether you are modeling behavior for your kids to follow or creating a calm corner where they can practice The Calm Caterpillar’s techniques, you are sure to get the tools needed for mindfulness.

This one-time purchase grants you lifetime access to our Calm Caterpillar Class.

The Calm Caterpillar teaches proven mindfulness techniques that have been used by our diverse array of partners, from Cincinnati Public Schools to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Who is this for?

The Calm Caterpillar Parent Class teaches techniques that are most effective with children between the ages 3–10.

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What are the benefits?

Our teaching of the five breathing techniques offers you, the parent, important insights into the effectiveness of breathing, how to teach these techniques to your kids, and help create a calm environment at home.

Our Calm Caterpillar Parent Class focuses on the following breathing techniques:

  • Hand breathing
  • Buddy breathing
  • Lion’s breath
  • Flower & candle breathing
  • Belly breathing