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Benefits of Deep Breathing

6 June 2022
Benefits of Deep Breathing

Believe it or not, we sometimes forget to breathe deeply. It may sound strange, but it’s absolutely true, and luckily it’s something that’s so easy for us to improve. Taking a deep breath is not something that is taught, it’s actually what is known as an automatic function that is directed by our subconscious mind. This automatic function happens during times that we’re often not paying attention or aware of our breathing patterns, such as while we’re eating, sleeping, and exercising.  

Despite us being equipped with this fascinating automatic function, many of us experience lots of stress and live fast-paced lives, which can actually cause us to compromise our own breath patterns and limit what normally happens without us even paying attention. Those who suffer from anxiety or live a high-stress life may even tell you that they sometimes catch themselves forgetting to breathe. 

We’ve all been there at one point or another, but once again, the good news is that it’s an unbelievably easy fix. By bringing the concept of deep breathing to your conscious mind, you can create an invaluable new habit through repetition!

Remembering to take a deep breath can have such a positive impact on us physically and mentally: it is a natural way to relieve stress, and it gives us positive physical responses such as lowering our blood pressure, improving digestion, lowering our cortisol (stress hormone) levels, and even stimulating our immune system! All of these physical improvements will automatically translate over to mental improvements, leaving you with a clear and refreshed mind. By simply remembering to breathe deeply, you can easily take full advantage of all of these wonderful benefits at any time you choose, and you can make yourself feel so much better! 

But since we sometimes forget to breathe deeply, especially during times of stress and times where we’re busy, we should all try our best to practice deep breathing whenever we can. What do we do when we want to learn something? We practice. Getting into the habit of taking a deep breath is no exception - it is something that we can learn and perfect through practice, practice, and more practice!

Next time you’re looking for a way to feel your best and improve your physical well-being, try to take a few seconds and practice breathing deeply. You’re guaranteed to feel a little better, both physically and mentally. The great thing about deep breathing is that you can do it at any time, whether you’re on the go, relaxing, or doing anything in between! If you can train yourself to remember how to breathe, it is quite literally one of the easiest things you can do to improve your physical and mental health. 

It’s especially useful to breathe deeply during times of stress, but try and take a deep breath next time you’re doing something that’s not too intense, such as watching a movie, walking in the park, relaxing with the kids, or while you’re getting ready for your day first thing in the morning. It will make you feel reinvigorated, fresh, and energized, while at the same time keeping you calm and peaceful. If you practice enough, you can absolutely change the way you feel from day to day. Simply put, the more we breathe deeply, the better we’re likely to feel!

Imagine what the benefits of repeatedly practicing deep breathing can do for you if you practice regularly. If a single deep breath lowers your blood pressure, relaxes your heart rate and lowers your cortisol levels, think about what taking 10-15 deep breaths a day over a period of several weeks will do for you!

It’s just that easy to feel better and improve your quality of life. A simple routine of remembering to breathe deeply will have you feeling your best in no time, and it’s something that you can do literally anywhere, and at any time! 

Start by setting a goal for yourself. Maybe you can tell yourself to stop and take a deep breath once every 30 minutes, every hour, or maybe 10 times a day to start. If you stick to this on a daily basis over a period of weeks, months, and years, you can change your own life, and allow yourself to live at your maximum level of wellness! 

So, given everything you now know about breathing deeply, why not get started by taking a deep breath right now? 


Inhale, exhale…now doesn’t that feel great?!

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