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5 Reasons Why Flashcards Help Kids Learn

16 March 2023
5 Reasons Why Flashcards Help Kids Learn

Learning with flashcards is a fantastic tool that can be very effective.  Here are 5 tips in which flash cards can benefit your child's learning:

1. Reinforces memorization

Flash cards are often used to reinforce memorization, and have been shown to boost long term memory. When children are presented with visual cues on a card and the corresponding information, it can help them commit the information to memory more effectively.

2. Promotes active recall

Flash cards encourage active recall, which is the process of actively retrieving information from memory.. It’s common for children to sight a picture and remember the detailing in their minds. Flashcard learning helps trigger visual stimuli that increase your child’s brain capacity.

3. Increases self-confidence and engagement

Flash cards can be a fun and engaging way for children to learn. Practicing with flashcards boosts a child’s mind to swiftly adapt to the information. It gives the right reasons to focus and strengthen their mind. 

4. Improve attention span

Using flash cards requires children to focus their attention on the task at hand, which can help improve their attention span and ability to concentrate. Our Calm Caterpillar Feelings Flash cards help kids identify emotions, regulate self resulting in better communication and focus. 

5. Provide immediate feedback

Flash cards provide immediate feedback, allowing children to see if their answers are correct or incorrect. When you reveal the answer side of a flashcard to assess your correctness, you are essentially asking yourself “How did my answer compare to this correct answer?” and “How well did I know (or not know) it?” 

While flash cards can be a useful learning tool, they should not be the sole method of instruction. It's important to incorporate other teaching methods and activities to provide a well-rounded learning experience for your child.

The Calm Caterpillar is also here to help! Portable and universally-understandable, our feeling flashcards offer kids the keys to mindfulness. They are easy to bring with you on the go or leave in your calm corner for easy reference. Additionally, flashcards help kids find ways to calm down through the use of labeling emotions and breathing techniques. Visit The Calm Caterpillar today!

Sarah Habib
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