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Calmee the Caterpillar - Toy for Sensory Seekers | Free Shipping

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Calmee the Caterpillar is a weighted soft plush toy, designed to provide sensory input and calming benefits! 

Here's how:

🐛 Calmee is weighted and provides sensory input when wrapped around the shoulders!

🐛 Calmee stretches in and out as children inhale and exhale through breathing exercises.

🐛 Calmee includes many feet to divert focus or fidget with and redirect energy in a positive way!

🐛 Calmee is super cuddly, soft and soothing for tactile input!  

What is Calmee the Caterpillar?

Calmee helps your child calm down.

A big tool for big feelings. Calmee the Caterpillar is here to help a child use their breath to change the way they feel.

3 Functions:

  1. Expanding: Stretch Calmee to focus on breathing in and out.
  2. Weighted: Use Calmee to rest around your neck.
  3. Counting: Pet the 10 body segments.
What are the benefits of Calmee the Caterpillar?

Calmee, the soft-plush breathing tool, enables children to have a sensory experience while they practice breathing.

Expanding the caterpillar gives the child feedback about how to breathe. This encourages a child to breathe more often resulting in a calmer child, more breathing means more emotional control.

The weighted nature of Calmee draped around your neck creates a sensory experience that soothes and calms your nervous system, resulting in a calmer child.

Counting to calm is a great way to have a child use their breathe and sensory system (touch) to change the way they feel. Counting is a simple task to focus on helping a child regain control of their nervous system.

Calmee is special in that Calmee offers 3 different ways for a child to calm down, all children need different techniques depending on the day.